Nothing but a Screen

Images of you and me
on the inside of my mind
wish I could be,
Each day apart is longer
as I count down the X’s
on my calendar
lead to a day
I can
hold your hand
breathe you in
The screen between us
doesn’t allow
Its image is a lie
Tricks my eyes into thinking
you are near
my ears to know you’re there
right there
so clear
the sound of coke cans
I could reach out
as fingers curl
on glowing plastic
Each day I wait
for my phone to ring
only 20 seconds talk
so much in 20 seconds
Clicks of keys
buzz of texts
slowly replace your voice
they tell me everything
whisper your day
the weekend comes
I’ve almost forgotten
my brain can’t break
through voices,
all the voices
sift through the sea
hear the ramble spoken
through smiles
That same ramble brought
me to you in the beginning
Phrases I couldn’t comprehend
with terms I’d never heard
passed your lips
Always sweet
level, calm me
you will always be nicer
My mouth formed three forbidden words
once you couldn’t
hear me
see me
In 4 years
not a day escapes without
being drown with your name
A staring contest with the moon
can’t help but wonder
whose winning
me, it, or you
Hours pass
it sinks into the night
I smile to myself willing
not to let the snow melt,
drip from my eyes
remove the glaze
which blocks the view of others
happy, with one another
Again I’ve won,
victory bitter
I pull knees close
in the unforgiving winter
Remembering how
you changed my life,
I sleep with a smile
in the dark
no show
no benefit of others
but me and you
and that damn screen.


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