My First Script (Comedy) – Performed 4-28-2012

Taiko Script

7:30pm Doors Open

Crowd Games Begin (kanji Human Tetris)


Liz + Arianna introduce us and talk about Taiko with the audience.


Act 1 Scene 1            

**Props Needed: Brian → “Ticket to Japan” … Lukas → Japanese for Dummies Book.**

(Lights Off)

(Main Character and his friends are Center Stage, Brian in the middle)

(Lights On)

Katrina:                        Hey Brian, you’ve finally saved up enough money for Japan?

Brian:                            Yep, just bought my ticket. (Hold Out “Ticket to Japan”)

Lukas:                            Aren’t you worried your Japanese isn’t… good?

Brian:                             I think I know enough to be ok.

Lukas:                           (Hands Brian a Japanese for Dummies book) You sure?

Brian:                            But I guess  brushing up wouldn’t hurt… you know, just to be safe.

(friends laugh)

Brian:                            Well I have to go get my passport I’ll catch you guys later!

(Brian walks stage left)

Katrina:                        Don’t forget you promised to get me one of those cute little cat things.

Brian:                            (thumbs up)

(Friends Exit Stage Right)

(Brian Exits Stage Left)


Act 1 Scene 2

**Props Needed: Liz “VIP Ticket”**

(Brian Airplanes in from Stage Left as Airplane Noise is played)

Brian:                            (stretches and cracks back/neck): Finally! That was such a long flight! Didn’t Disney tell me it’s a small world? Can’t believe anything anymore! Oh well, at least I’m out of the airport! Let’s see where’s my hotel? (looks around and sees Taiko in their RED hapi coats entering stage Right and rushes over) Watashi wa kawaii!! Omiyage?

(Taiko laughs all migrate towards center Stage)

Autumn:                      (laughing) {say Something in Japanese}

Brian:                            Um…

Autumn:                      I’m just messing with you. Did you know you just said “I cute, present?’

Brian:                            What, You speak English?

Tammy:                        Actually, we all do.

Brian:                            Woah! No way!

(Taiko nods)

Tammy:                        So, where you from?

Brian:                            UC Merced.

Liz:                                 Where’s that?

Brian:                            California?

Tammy:                        Oh! So you’re from the states! I did my Undergraduate there, it’s cool, a lot better then the media portrays it.

Brian:                            Do I want to know?

Tammy:                        Probably not…

Brian:                            (nods) so why are you all matching?

Liz:                                 We’re a Taiko team. Well parts of it. One of our members went out of town to smooth over a contract. We came to pick him up for a show we’re playing tonight.

Brian:                            Show?

Vincent:                       Yeah, do you know what Taiko is?

Brian:                            Um, is it like a geisha?

(Taiko Laughs)

Liz:                                 (still laughing) here’s a ticket to the show (Hands Brian VIP Ticket), if you want. I mean you could do normal touristy things, or you could experience Japan.

Brian:                            DUDE! IT’s VIP!!!!

Tammy:                        Liz, you didn’t give all yours out?

Liz:                                 None of my friends could get a Tuesday off with such short notice

Tammy:                        Ah, so um… American tourist

(Brian looks up)

Tammy:                        That ticket gives backstage access after the show, tell us what you think!

(walks in From stage Left)

Declan:                         (runs up to the group in hapi) Thanks for waiting guys! My flight got delayed because some international flight landed in our terminal so we had to taxi forever! Whose this?

Brian:                            um… the guy on the international flight >.>

Declan:                         You have a name?

Brian:                            Oh, Yeah! It’s Brian (Declan Bows and Brian extends hand which Declan awkwardly shakes) See you at your show! (Brian runs off stage left)

Declan:                         Interesting man that Brian…

(Taiko exits stage right)

(Lights Out)

Act 1 Scene 3

(Lights On)

(sign reading “later that night” is run across the stage)


(Taiko Performance)

**Drums 3 Front 2 Back No Shime Slanted + Odaiko**


**Drum formation change (Flying V) + Speech by Liz/Arianna**

*Swing Renshu Slow / Fast*

*Swing Matsuri*


**Drum formation change (3 Front 2 Back Shime + Odaiko Split Vincent in center)

 + Speech by Liz/Arianna**


(Lights go Out)

Act 2 Scene 1

**Props Needed: Autumn → Team Rocket Shirt! … ALL TAIKO → BACCI …

(“Backstage” after performance drinking water and stretching Taiko on stage Brian far Stage Left )

(Lights On)

Brian:                            Woah! Dude what was that? It was like Indian war drums meet Thunder storms!

Tammy:                        Those are Japanese Taiko Drums. Not quite like geisha right?

(Brian Nods)

Liz:                                 They use to be used primarily as war drums and signals, but now they’re more of a festive thing.

Brian:                            Legit!

Tammy:                        So I take it you liked the show?

Brian:                            Definitely!

Vincent:                       Hey, A few of us are going to play a little encore show outside for a bit, wanna join?

Brian:                            Is it safe?

Liz:                                 Why wouldn’t it be?

Brian:                            That place was packed!

Vincent:                       nah, it’s cool, we do this all the time, besides we have these (ALL TAIKO hold out bacci) to fend off any crazies.

Brian:                            Cool let’s go

Autumn:                      It’s not set up yet.

Brian:                            AWWWWW…. Woah! OMG! Is THAT a TEAM ROCKET shirt?

Autumn:                      Give me your Togepei!

Arianna:                       Toki-Preeeeeee!!!!

Brian:                            What the!? Is that a real Togepei??? No way! Can you teach me how to do that!?

Tammy:                        Um, She’s a ditto…. She doesn’t actually speak. The real Arianna is catching up on sleep… see watch Pikachu

Arianna:                       Pika!

Liz:                                 Squirtle!!

Arianna:                       Squirt squirt squirtle!

Vincent:                       Clefaire!!

Arianna:                       Clefaire, Clefaire, Clefaire!

Declan:                         Psyduck!!!

Arianna:                       PSY YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI ….. DUCK (runs away stage left holding head)

Tammy:                        Oh no!

Autumn:                      Psyduck, Where you going???

Liz:                                 Probably to wake Arianna

Tammy:                        Ooh, poor psyduck… er ditto

Vincent:                       I’ll go check on them. (runs after Arianna stage left)

Brian:                            so… back to this encore thing… don’t you need to go set up?

Liz:                                 Nah, we have people for that.

Brian:                            Too cool for manual labor… I see.

Liz shakes head

Tammy:                        Anyways, typically how the encore works is we play a bit, sometimes it’s just a repeat piece from our show other times it’s just a drum circle where we take turns playing whatever comes to mind. Usually it ends in people dancing and overall having a good time.

Brian:                            Dancing!? Like this!? (does the makirana)

Declan:                         Um… Sure…

Tammy:                        Sometimes dancers begin playing their own music and an dance off begins.

Arianna–backstage:        PSY – DUCK

Brian                             (stops doing the makirana)

Autumn:                      Arianna must be awake!

Arianna:                       (yawns loudly – Peeks her head from backstage) Come on guys! We’re all set up!

(Lights Out)


Act 2 Scene 2

Taiko Drums set up In U formation on Flats  Note: Autumn has Odaiko on flat

(Lights On)

+++ if we can get some people to dance in the middle that would be nice if not its ok too +++

**Drum Circle**  Trickle out With Drum stage RIGHT

1: Vincent

2: Lydia

3: Declan

4: Liz

5: Arianna

(DCo. Taiko Collaboration Piece)

                                            Enter stage right (or both if still doing battle)

(Tammy and Jen Leave Stage Right)


Act 2 Scene 3


(HHM comes on stage From Stage Right)

Brian:                            Hey! You guys gonna cipher?

KORY:                            Hai!

Brian:                            hello?

KORY:                            means yes.

Brian:                            oh cool! Can I join?

KORY:                            Hai

(HHM Cipher)

(Lights Off)


Act 3 Scene 1

**Props Needed: Tammy → Backstage Pass**

(All Taiko on Stage)

(Lights On)

(Brian Enters Stage Left)

Brian:                            So you guys totally Ninja’d out!

Liz:                                 We just cool like that!

Tammy:                        Yeah, sorry about that, Psyduck went missing… again… so we went to find her.

Arianna:                       Psy?

Liz:                                 Yeah you!

Arianna                        DUCK!

Brian:                            Anyway, that was fun. I didn’t know there was anyone into the hip-hop scene in Japan!

Tammy:                        Surprisingly, it’s pretty popular around here.

Brian:                            But, not as much as pokemon, right!?

Vincent:                       Sure, course not…

Tammy:                        For real though, there are a lot of different dance scenes in Japan and a lot of different cultural influences.

Brian:                            I mean that one girl on your team, she has her own Ditto!

Arianna:                       Ditto!

(Taiko shakes head)

Brian:                            It’s so cool!

Vincent:                       I think we lost him….

Tammy:                        Um, not to change the subject or nothing, but we have a run through in an hour.

Brian:                            Run through? For what?

Tammy:                        Just a Kpop Colab! (excited)

Brian:                            Kpop? Is that like Soda pop?

Taiko (face palm)

Arianna:                       Psy….

Autumn:                      Kpop stands for Korean pop. We’re performing with them at their concert in a few days.

Declan:                         I got them to sign the contract the other day when we met you near the airport.

Brian:                            No way! How’d you manage that?

Declan:                         Easy, I studied in Korea and actually performed with a few of the members in undergrad. I mean they were the headliners and My Taiko team was one of the acts, but they thought we were good and said we should work together sometime. All I really had to do was tell them our members wouldn’t glomp them and they signed.

Tammy:                        Oh, Brian the concert is sold out, but my friend who was going to come got sick the other day so I have an extra backstage pass (hands Brian “Backstage Pass”) C’ya there?

Brian:                            Definitely!

(Lights Out)

(Taiko Exit Stage Right)(Brian Exit Stage Left)


Act 3 Scene 2

(Lights On)

(A sign reading “A few days later” is run across the stage)

(Brian enter Stage Left) (Declan Enter Stage Right)

Brian:                            Wait isn’t there supposed to be a concert today?

Declan:                         Sorry! We had no way to contact you it actually got postponed.

Brian:                            Aww man! But I was so excited when is it going to be?

Declan:                         In a few months, they don’t know for certain because they’re dealing with the logistics of it all.

Brian:                            What, no way I’ll be gone by then! Do you know why they had to postpone?

Declan:                         Yeah, a few of the group members didn’t realize that their passports expired until they got to the airport. The receptionist noticed and said even if she did let them get their tickets, there was no guarantee they could get back to Korea.

Brian:                            Man, that sucks.

Declan:                         Sorry dude. Maybe some other time?

Brian:                            Yeah, I guess.

(Lights Out)

(Brian and Declan Exit Stage Right)

Act 4 Scene 1

(Taiko + Brian Center Stage)

(Lights On)

Brian:                            Wait a second, Hey Ditto!

Arianna:                       Ditto!

Brian:                            How come you can’t talk

Arianna:                       Psy-

Brian:                            And default to psyduck.

Liz:                                 It’s better than magikarp

Arianna:                       Karp

Brian:                            Sure, but Duplica’s ditto in Episode 37 Ditto’s Mystery Mansion transformed into Team Rocket’s Meowth and could talk, if this ditto transforms into a person why can’t she talk?

Arianna:                       Meowth!

Vincent:                       You watch way too much TV…

Tammy:                        besides you can’t always trust a tv show, I’m sure that ditto had to learn to speak. This ditto (gesture to Arianna) doesn’t have the time. As for Psyduck, that’s new.

Arianna:                       Duck!

Brian:                            I see….

Tammy:                        So, when do you return to the states?

Brian:                            Um tomorrow? Wait what day is it?

Liz:                                 Saturday.

Brian:                            oh never mind, the day after.

Tammy:                        Have you seen all the typical sites?

Brian:                            um, most of them. You done with all your shows?

Vincent:                       For the time being, our next show isn’t until Wednesday.

Brian:                            Aww, too bad. I guess I’ll go visit Tokyo tower! It was nice meeting you all!

All Taiko:                     ja-ne!!

Brian:                            Wait, what does that mean?

Autumn:                      See you later!

Brian:                            OH Awesome! Ja-Ne!

(Brian exit stage left)

(Lights Out)

(Taiko Exits Stage Right And QUICKLY Changes shirts and into BLUE Hapi)

Act 4 Scene 2

**Props Needed: Brian → Backpack with little cat thing … Katrina and Lukas → Instruments**

(Lights On)

(airplane noise + Brian Flying on stage from Stage left)

(back at UCM sign is run across NOT A TAIKO MEMBER **NSU PLEASE HELP!!!**)

Brian:                            (stretches) It’s really not a small world after all! Hey guys!

Katrina:                        Did you get me that cat thing?

Brian:                            Oh… I totally forgot!

Katrina:                        DUDE!!!! (sulks)

Lukas:                           Welcome back bro! How was Japan?

Brian:                            Amazing I learned about Taiko!

Lukas:                           You know we have a Taiko team on campus right?

Brian:                            What!? No way!!!

Lukas:                           Yeah, its NSU’s Yamabuki Taiko dude!

Brian:                            You kidding?

Katrina:                        No dude they’re doing a performance with us (gesture shirt logo + instruments) in like 20 minutes up the hill for Bobcat Day!

Brian:                            What we waiting for?

Katrina:                        My cat…. (crosses arms)

Brian:                            Fine, here! (gives her a little box with lucky cat inside)

Katrina:                        Dude! I knew you would get it!

(Lights Off)

(all exit stage right)

Act 4 Scene 3

(lights on)

(sign ran saying “up the hill”)

(Bobcat Band + Taiko Collaboration)


(Short Crowd Activity)

SOMEONE: Enjoy the rest of the show!

(all enter stage right)

Lukas:                    So how’d you like —

Katrina:                        Hey! I think they’re gonna play with Ohana soon too!

Brian:                            I think I know someone in that group! We should go watch!

Katrina:                        Yeah dude it’ll be awesome!!

Brian:                            I heard they’re doing a Tahitian dance.

Katrina:                        Shhh they’re gonna start!

(Brian and friends Exit stage right)

(lights off)

(Ohana Enters)

(Lights Off)

(Ohana’s Tahitian Dance + Taiko Collaboration)

(Lights Off)


Act 5 Scene 1

**Props Needed: Taiko → Bacci and BLUE Happi

(Brian and friends enter stage right to Center Stage)

(Lights On)

(Autumn appears far stage right)

Brian:                            Dude, Some of those Taiko members look so familiar.

Katrina:                        Maybe they’re in your Psych Lecture?

Brian:                            Nah, hey I’m gonna go ask them some questions.

Katrina:                        Suit yourself!

Brian:                            Hi!

Autumn:                      Hello.

Brian:                            Awesome performance.

Autumn:                      Thanks, you interested in Taiko?

Brian:                            Actually yeah, I just came back from Japan and saw a bunch of Taiko players there.

Autumn:                      Hey guys! this guy… What’s your name?

Brian:                            Brian.

Autumn:                      Brian just came back from Japan and met Pro Taiko players!

(Taiko team enters from stage Right)

Vincent:                       That’s So Awesome!

Declan:                         Dude how was it!?

Lydia:                            Did they sound Amazing?

Brian:                            For reals, they all looked just like you!

Tammy:                        Well, we do all wear hapi coats… and have bacci?

Brian:                            No I mean… like as if you were twins … OR maybe they were ALL dittos copying you!!!!

Vincent:                       I’ve never been to Japan and I Know I don’t have a twin… are you feeling ok?

Brian:                            Yeah….. I think so…..?

Liz:                                 Did you have a question?

Brian:                            Yeah, a few actually…. Um, how do I sign up to join?

Liz:                                 We have tryouts just about every semester so keep an eye out.

Brian:                            Cool! Oh and are you guys going to perform?

Autumn:                      Yeah, we’re doing a popular song medley in a bit, we should actually go get ready pretty soon. Any more questions?

Brian:                            Nope, Have a good show!!! Ja-Ne!!!

Taiko sais “what” as a whole

Brian:                            It means see you later

Taiko:                            Oh! Ja-ne!

(Taiko exit stage left)

(Brian exits stage right)



Act 5 Scene 2


(Taiko Popular Song Medley)

** Lineup**

Eye of the Tiger

funk soul brother

DRUM CHANGE *Declan in back drum stage right*

loose wire


we run this



(Karps off stage)

Lydia: Hey Guys Bows!

(re enter stage)

Final Bows!


Final Thank Yous!



**Bobcat Band

**Ohana (Lual tomorrow)



**our star, Brian Chew

**NSU’s Yamabuki Taiko

*our names*

thank the audience



Shirts shirts shirts shirts shirts shirts….. Everybody!


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