Halloween – Chapter 2: Chris – Halloween Day – 2:30 pm

“Kim? I thought you’d be gone by now!” shouted Chris from across the parking lot.

“And leave you here? Never.” Kim smirked leaning back on the hood of her orange Camaro.

“So, last week is never?”

“Last week wasn’t Halloween.”

“I don’t get why you’re so obsessed with this holiday.”

“It’s just so high energy,” it was the only way she knew how to explain it.

“That would be the candy’s doing… You sure it’s not ‘cause it’s the one day you can dress ‘normal’ and people think you look awesome?”

Kim rolled her eyes. “So did you end up getting out of the game tonight?”

“Yep, Told Coach I had a family emergency and that JJ should sub me.”

“JJ?” Kim scrunched her face trying to think of a JJ. “Jake? The Sophomore?”

“That’s the one.”

“Haha maybe I should skip the party to see the game!” She laughed as she imagined how hilariously entertaining the game would be with a sub quarterback.

“He’s getting better.” Chris pointed out.

“I can throw a pass better than him.”

“You can throw better than half the team.”

“Oh? Your team is getting better!” Kim mocked through her laugh.

“Just get in the car.” He kissed her before opening the driver-side door.

“So… Who’s going to be at the party?” Chris asked after they were halfway to his house.

“Lacy, Nicole, Kristy… Gina–”

“–And Scott.” He interrupted.

“Awe, you still like her.” Kim teased in a mock middle-school girl tone.

“No.” He shook his head.

“Then why are you always so bothered that she’s with Scott?” He’d already told her the story. It happened a few years before they’d met to him it was always fresh. She didn’t know what compelled her to ask. Maybe she was just hoping the reason hadn’t changed. She rationalized with herself that she was just making sure he didn’t blurt out that he was still in love with Gina.

“He slept with her, while we were dating… after we’d decided to wait. Wouldn’t you hate the guy that took your girl’s first time?” He voice was low through gritted teeth. Kim could see his fists were clenched and shaking out of the corner of her eye.

“Awe, you know I’m not into girls.” She knew her response was not the sympathetic one he was hoping for, but she didn’t want to lie. The truth was that she really didn’t care all that much if a guy cheated. Her father had walked out of her life when she was just a little girl. Her mom had later told her he’d left to be with another woman who would give her a brother or sister she would never meet. Its better this way Kim remembered her tear-stained mother saying. She warned Kim that this was how men were, they were all just focused on the “now”. Then she met Phil. It was as if she’d simply forgotten everything she’d warned Kim about when it had been just them, but Kim hadn’t.

The silence car made Kim shift in her seat. Chris didn’t seem to notice. He stared intently out the windshield not seeming to be focused on anything in particular. She didn’t want to be the first to speak or turn on the stereo, so she just endured the low hum of the car and light traffic for the last 4 minutes to his house.

“So, who told you about the party?” He finally asked once the two of them were in his room and he’d closed the door.

“Lacy.” Kim didn’t want to elaborate, Lacy was her contact for most parties and Chris accepted it. Kim looked around the room and saw the mess of clothes he called a floor. “You do have a costume for tonight, don’t you?”

Chris pulled his football jersey out of his closet and Kim rolled her eyes.

“What? We can’t all have a closet of black magic and voodoo junk that screams Halloween.”

“I have tarot cards and a Ouija board.” Kim crossed her arms.

“What? I don’t know the difference with that goth, wiccan stuff.” He pulled his football jersey over his head.

Kim rolled her eyes. “Why am I even dating you?” Kim knew the answer, and knew it wasn’t for the arrogant reason Chris would reply.

“Because you think it’s hilarious that the freaky girl in school can make all the cheerleaders and popular girls jealous by dating the quarterback.”

Wrong. “Oh really? Then why stay with the freaky girl?”

“Because maybe I think it’s funny too.” Also wrong Kim mused.


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