August 6, 1945 – If Shadows Spoke

no flesh, no bone, both vaporized
instantaneously i believe
still Here i am upon a wall
my only existence outlined
by its real color
degraded to less than the wind

If you look carefully, you might just see
a hat atop my head
tilted ever so slightly
my hand Reaching up to grab it
fix it, last thoughts wasted.

look around
there’s more like me
that child so new such joy
trapped behind a white curtain
forced to watch
families fade

and Over there a mother!
walking home from getting food
look at her now.
all that remains is her outline mid-step
See that? her shopping bag
her purse around her wrist
gone leaving nothing
but a depthless mark
her face lost in shadows, nevertheless
her exact Height, and shape

what’s going on?
this Is all wrong
like shattered metal whales
reflecting light of
empty families
whistling their name
drawing their grave.

what More is there to say?
but the rubble between your toes
was a human yesterday!
a bright young girl
with hair in braids
who laughed and loved to sing
no more than eight
jumping rope down a road
now littered with broken families

remember the white daisy
that worked its way through cracks
it seems it enveloped
this entIre town in just a flash
but it was hot,
no, not just hot
the sparks that soar from clashing swords
melting through everything in their path.

i have seen the fate of survivors
open sores everywhere
bubbling thick tomato soup
and bursting water balloons filled with tar
dead dismembered – unborn
tangled children – born
mourning siblings, parents
no escape.

i remember my own miseries
And you, i hope will never understand
smell of molten flesh
rotten corpses
a city dissolved in seconds.


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