Little Paper Scraps

I cannot be defined by a sheet of paper
not by a letter in the alphabet
not by the words Bachelor, Master, or Doctor
I do not want to be seen for my ability to hide behind a desk
to show everyone just how obedient I can be
I am not a dog

I am one who is molded by words zipped together by actions
not to be remembered as the
first hand in the air
but for the first Idea on the whiteboard, once blackboard,
now spreadsheet

Alphabet soup,
is for children and those too afraid
to slip into their own skin
listen to their own ideas
and live the first day of their life as their own being

I’m not saying that higher education is bad
no, but without an end goal
without some idealized profession that requires an education
higher than what our own government is inclined to provide
when they stop layering information for the betterment of society
and begin lining their pockets using fear tactics and
makeshift blindfolds

Getting a higher degree
while already holding a dusty scrap of paper
with fancy university scribble printed above
my name: first, middle, and last
is just another way to pretend like I don’t know who I am


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