To a Self-Proclaimed A-Hole

You should have come with a warning label
or maybe I should have
thinking back, it was my idea

I saw you as glass
perfectly transparent, but fragile
with a large crack hidden behind
scotch brand cellophane tape
and tiny ones that were still sharp enough to cut my fingers
and they did.

When you found me, I was empty
I filled myself with the desire to protect you
mostly from me
If someone somewhere is keeping score
I don’t want to see it
I know how many red marks I have against me
I didn’t want another for you

I knew it was a bad idea
from past experiences and chick flicks
but we both agreed that we
we’re not something that would work
even if we ground down our edges
we are two jigsaw pieces that almost fit

still, I read my lines perfectly
so did you
and somewhere amid the laughter and the jokes
somewhere between the smiles and the tears
I found myself closer to being whole
I was yours, even though I knew you’d never be mine
the plot was stale and over far too quickly
they always are

even if you did come with a warning
I’d have been too stubborn to heed it.


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