From the Girl with Far too Much to Say

I grew far too comfortable between trust and time
and far too lonely when I learned you were not mine
far too expectant when you said we could stay friends
and far too resistant when I knew it was the end

your friendship will be cherished
as it’s not a thing to waste
finding someone I can share with
is always a rare fate
all the stories are my favorite
these endless tales that can be told
and new stories we’ve created
are more valuable than gold

stories of babies and motorcycles
of scarves and backwards impressions
of misread words and misunderstandings
to parks and ducks and squirrels befriended

with each friend I share a story
and each friend has their own past
but to each of you I’m loyal
always ready to give laughs
I’ll be there for good and bad times
and all of the times in-between
please remember I am with you
even if we do not speak

and even though we disagree on almost everything
know I will always have your back if every you need me
don’t worry about puffy eyes or tears staining your cheeks
I already have the ice cream and I saved your favorite seat

though I will admit it’s different
sharing less than instead of more
it will take a while adjusting
to this room with open doors
but what you have to offer
is as rare as was before
I will share with you my secrets
If you can still trust me with yours

the comfort will return after time will turn to scars
loneliness will burn as we rewrite both our parts
expectations will be met once they’re reasonably placed
and resistance will give way once my fears can just be faced


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