About Me

Hey! Thank’s for checking out my “About Me” section. I’m a fairly average weirdo who specializes in being wacky and making random people smile (mostly through exaggerated arm gestures and really wacky facial expressions). I’m an avid gamer who stumbled into the world of video game design after majoring in something completely unrelated in college. I hang my UC Merced Cognitive Science/Writing Minor degree in my room to remind me why I’m still paying my loans!

Let’s see, what else might be entertaining to read… I’m a social extrovert who spends most her time staring at a computer. I love to write but can’t seem to get over my passionate hatred for e-books. I’m generally artsy with anything that doesn’t require me to draw, then you’ll get a stick figure portrait on a napkin (this actually happened).

As you may have noticed, I sign my writings with M.S. Alice. This is me! I’m not kidnapping someone else’s writing and telling it to sit on my blog, that would be pretty rude. No, I use the name M.S. Alice in my writing as a tribute to my grandmother, born Marjorie Alice Walker, died Marjorie Walker Smith. Since her middle name was lost, I decided to find it again. After all, I was born one day off from her birthday and she used to tell my dad he named me after her (my first name is Alissa). As for the letters M.S. not only do they spell out a common name prefix, but they’re also my middle and last initials (yeah, I thought it was clever).

If you want to find out more about my life (including reading some of the strange things I dream about or the movies I like or don’t like) you can check out my other blog In My Mind.

Anywhozies, if you made it this far, you’re pretty cool. If you skipped down to the bottom, I really don’t blame you 😛


3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hello.
      First off let me say thank you so much for reading! It means a lot that you took the time to comment on my blog 🙂
      Unfortunately, although I understand why you would say to do stanza breaks every 4 lines, it doesn’t usually work with the free form style that I use. I do appreciate the feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience that it causes, however it wouldn’t feel right to add line breaks where it would break the poem flow or the particular thought. I put a lot of thought into where I add line breaks (or lack-there-of).

      As for the like button, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to look into that! (thanks for the link I’m sure it would have taken me forever to find!)

      • hello Alissa,
        No problem if giving break line does not work on your free style writing. I understand your point is valid. This happens on the creative writing.

        Just checked you brought the other change, i suggested for showing like button. Now this looks so good for your blog. All the best and see you with flying colors.

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