Wire Wrapped Tumbled Stone Pendants

About 8 months ago my friend asked if I could make her and her family some necklaces with stones her late grandmother tumbled.

Before my friend’s grandmother passed her home caught fire and many of her possessions and potential heirlooms were lost in the flames (thankfully nobody was hurt in the fire). A few months later her grandmother passed and she took me to the burned home. She showed me a bunch of the stones that were once displayed in beautiful vases, now scattered across the remains of the floors and decks of the home. We were able to salvage a few of them from the wreckage and I agreed to turn them into jewelry. Below are a few of the final products that will be given away to surprise the family on the birthday of her late grandmother at the end of this month.


Wire Wrapped Tumbled Stone Necklace

Knowing that I have done some wire wrapping in the past, my twinzie asked if I could turn some stones she had that were tumbled by her grandmother, into necklaces. This was the first of the necklaces that I’ve crafted for her and her family to remember their grandmother by.

Quaggan Earrings!

Back when I was in college, I decided to try and make video game themed earrings. I decided to make them in the shape of Quaggans, an annoying yet adorable race of less intelligent ocean creatures.


The clay I used to make the quaggans.


What they looked like before I popped them in the oven, they were just chilling on my little mobile workbench 🙂


Ta-da! Final product, with laptop backdrop and everything ^.^

This is what I ended up making. They were such a hit, I even had people requested that I list them on my Etsy site, ReadGameImagine!

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