Do You Wanna Run a Dungeon [Guild Wars 2]

The Story Behind the (Parody) Song:

While playing Guild Wars 2 (GW2) I typed “Do you wanna do a dungeon” to one of my guildies, as I wanted to do a dungeon run (before all the nerfs) and my usual group wasn’t online. His reply was… “Do you wanna build a snowman.” Seeing as frozen was still overly popular at that time, much like how Pokemon GO! is right now, I laughed and rolled my eyes before replying the first 3 lines of lyrics (seen below). He then laughed and (presumably) rolled his eyes at me (there was no way for me to actually know considering he literally lives on the other side of the country (and continent) as me!

He decided he would stop SPvPing (Structured Player verses Player) to run dungeons (Player verses Environment or PvE) with me. To which I replied “Uhm, no thanks, I’m going to finish this song now. Have fun, don’t die!” and proceeded to write the rest of the song, sing it, record it, and attempt to make it sound halfway decent with the instrumental version of the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” song.

I finished recording sometime between 2 and 3 AM (I remember because I was trying to sing quiet enough to not wake up my family). After that I needed to figure out how YouTube worked, as it was the only site I could think of at that ungodly hour that would let me share the sound recording with my guild, who I don’t have all of the member’s email addresses. I ended up finding most of the screenshots used already on my computer, but had to take a few extras to complete the video.

Enjoy! … and remember, I recorded this at 2 or 3 AM.


Do you wanna run a dungeon
Some AC or some CoF
Playing guild wars 2 is fun with you
It’s helpful for you too
XP and gold is grand!

I thought you were my guildie
But now you rep
Some other guild, oh why??
Do you wanna run a dungeon
It could be any dungeon…

I already did them!
OK, Fine.

Do you wanna run a dungeon?
I still need to do them all
I think an all guild group is overdue
I’ve started pugging groups
And those groups aren’t alright!
Don’t rage quit bro.

It gets a little tiresome
All these real bad groups
Just watching the boss not die!

Please, I know you’re online
You’re just ignoring my PMs
You say just go advertise for a group
But I’d rather play with you
Accept my invite
We’re stronger with each other
The four of you and me
Alone I don’t stand a chance!
Do you wanna run a dungeon.


Final Thought:

I’ve been meaning to write more parody songs (Disney music video game mash-ups) what do you think?